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Woodward Dream Cruise
Each year, late August is home to the classic cars in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. This is when Woodward Avenue transforms from a robust artery of modern traffic to a relaxed "cruise" of classic, vintage cars. This is what has become known as the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

The cars come from miles around and so do their drivers. Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee were just a few of the plates I observed during the cruise.

Detroit muscle cars are prominently featured, with classics like the Corvette, Mustang and Camaro from all the early years.

You can see some of the first cars to grace the American roadways, Model T's and other early cars are here at the Dream Cruise. You can peek at some foreign cars here too, but the majority of cars are true Red, White and Blue.

These cars are dreamy and to those who grew up when they were made, nostalgic as well. Reminding us of quieter, simpler times. When people spent time cruising in their cars on the weekends, while enjoying the ride.

Cruising is as much about "being seen" as it is seeing what's around you. Maybe with todays hustle and bustle, we forgot how to simply "cruise' in our cars.

The Woodward Dream Cruise reminds us just how to have fun with cars.

Want to learn more about the dream cruise, try their website here. - - - - -