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Japanese car brands have long been known for reliability and fuel economy. Today, some are even known as a staple of luxury. Below is a list of popular Japanese car brands.
Acura Founded in 1986, Acura is the luxury division of the automaker Honda. Their line of cars include the RLX, MDX, TL, TSX, ILX and RDX. I like the new commercial featuring a futuristic horse race, where an Acura is portrayed as a dark horse that actually wins the race. Then you see the new slogan featured "Let the race begin". Slogan: The road will never be the same., Let the race begin. , It's that kind of thrill.

Daihatsu hails from Japan and makes small cars like the Cuore, Terios, Gran Max and Sirion. Daihatsu is an abbrevitation of "Osaka (the city Daihatsu founded)" and "Hatudoki (engine manufacture)".

Honda Motors
is one of the top selling compact car brands in the world. Honda also sells some popular hybrid vehicles. Popular Honda car brands include the Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey. Honda is also on the cutting edge of Robot technology, they created the cool and life-like Asimo robot. Slogans: It must be love. , The Power of Dreams. , Honda. First man, then machine.

A luxury brand of automobile, that is currently made in Japan. Lexus not only makes a lot of cool T.V. commercials, they also make some really cool luxury cars. With popular Sedans like the IS, ES, GS and LX and SUV's like the RX, GX and LX. It should not be hard to find a Lexus to fit your life style. Slogan: The relentless pursuit of perfection.

is formally known as Mazda Motor Corporation and they are headquartered in Fuchu, Japan. The company name comes from an early West Asian god, called "Ahura Mazda". The current Mazda logo was created in 1997 and it features a stylized, winged "M" which is meant to symbolize Mazda flying into the future. Mazda has been promoting something known as "Sky Activ Technology". This technology increases fuel economy to a level similar to a hybrid vehicle. Slogans: Zoom-Zoom , We build Mazda's... What do you drive? , Driving Matters.

is a Japanese car company that is officially known as Mitsubishi Motors. Mitsubishi has been making cars since 1917 and they have been selling cars in the U.S. since 1981. The Mitsubishi logo is easily recognized as 3 red diamonds that connect at their tips. Mitsubishi prides itself on fuel efficient cars, crossovers and electric vehicles. Mitsubishi also offers some of the best warranties in the car industry. Slogan: Drive@earth , Wake up and drive.
Nissan, formally known as Nissan Motor Co., LTD. was established in 1933 in Yokohama City, Japan. Today they manufacture cars in 20 Countries and areas around the world. Nissan features cars with odd shapes and styles that will certainly grab peoples attention.

Cars like the Cube, Juke, Leaf and Cabriolet are not easily mistaken for other car companies models, so if you are looking for different then Nissan could be your brand. The Leaf is also an 100% electric vehicle, which is as green as it gets. They also make some nice sedans like the Versa and Altima and some attractive sports cars, like the Nissan Z.  Slogan: Shift_the way you move. , Enjoy the ride. , Defy Ordinary.

Subaru is another Japanese auto maker that has taken America by storm. Subaru's seem to have it all with reliability, modern styling, good fuel efficiency and a reasonable starting price. With models like the BRZ, Impreza, Legacy, Forester, XV Crosstek, Outback and Tribeca. Subaru is sure to be a recognized brand in the United States and Worldwide for many years to come. Slogans: Subaru. Think, Feel. Drive., Driven By What's Inside., The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive. , Confidence in Motion.

Suzuki A Japanese automaker that produces some nice reliable, compact cars. Probably better known for their motorcycles in the United States. Their autos sell well in South American countries like Chile. Slogan: Way of Life!

Toyota In 1957, when Toyota first came to America, Elvis was king of rock n' roll, big cars with tailfins were "in" and postage stamps were just 3 cents. Today, Toyota is one of the top-selling brands in America. Corolla, Camry are top selling models of Toyota.

Toyota has faced some recent problems in the United States. From a Congressional hearing on safety, to lawsuits regarding sudden acceleration in their vehicles. Toyota may have lust a little luster on their once flawless brand name, yet continues to be known for reliability industry wide. Slogans: Oh! What a feeling, Toyota! , Moving Forward , Lets Go Places.