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Sports Car Brands
There is something about a sports car that people just seem to love. For those that crave speed and excitement in a vehicle, driving a sports car is like no other experience.

Many sports cars are convertibles as well, which only adds to the appeal of these cars. Driving on the open road with the wind in your hair, is a feeling like no other. While other car companies do make sports cars, these car brands are best known for making sports cars.

BMW Sports Car Brand Driving a BMW sports car is an experience not to be missed, with excellent handling and a fair amount of speed these sports cars are highly desirable. With the three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has its sights set firmly on the premium sector of the international automobile market. Slogan: The Ultimate Driving Machine. , Sheer Driving Pleasure

Bugatti Sports Cars Bugatti has always been the epitome of exclusivity, luxury, elegance, style, extraordinary design, and a great passion for automobiles. As of 2012 the Bugatti Veyron was the most expensive street legal production car in the world. The base price is $1.7 million and the car can reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Ford Sports Cars Ford made a great sports car affordable for nearly everyone, when they created their iconic Ford Mustang. I challenge anyone to find a better looking sports car than a Ford Shelby Cobra or Shelby GT 500, pure Detroit muscle. Henry Ford started this company in Detroit, with the Model T. With a revamped company, cars and workforce, Ford is once again on the rise in America. Slogans: Built for the road ahead. , Have you driven a Ford lately? , Ford. Feel the difference. , Quality is job one. , Ford has a better idea. , Go Further.

Lamborghini Sports Car Brand Few can afford to own this exclusive beast of a sports car, yet we can all dream. Lamborghini is best known for making super exotic sports cars that are really, really fast. The company was started in 1963 by a man named Feruccio Lamborghini. Lamborghini is located in Bologna, Italy.

Lotus makes sleak, eye catching, featherlight sports cars. They are hand-built in Great Britain. Lotus believes strongly in innovation, they prefer to be one step ahead of their competitors. Lotus also thinks if you want to be the fastest, then you also have to be the lightest.

Maserati Sports Cars Owning a Maserati sports car is like owning a fine bottle of wine, it just gets better with age. Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Since then, Maserati has played a consistently important role in the history of sports car culture and its development. Nearly a century of activity has brought with it glorious achievements both on the road and the track as well as more challenging times, which have helped forge the company’s character and personality. Slogan: Excellence Through Passion

McLaren Sports Cars McLaren makes a small select line of sports cars which include the McLaren P1, McLaren 650S Coupe, McLaren 650S Spider, 12C and 12C Spider. Cars include bright modern colors and stunning aerodynamic designs. McLaren has a long successful history in auto racing, with many successes in Formula 1 racing.

Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars Mercedes has long been respected for making some fine sports cars. The company was formed when 2 autos merged, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and Benz & Cie. Together the 2 companies combined formed the new Daimler-Benz AG, this merger brought about the legendary automobile named Mercedes-Benz. Over the years the star has changed, yet Mercedes-Benz remains an automotive powerhouse in the industry. Mercedes scream luxury, reliability and tradition to quality. Slogans: Engineered To Move The Human Spirit. , Unlike any other.

Porsche Sports Car Brand This company founded by Ferdinand Porsche, is a well known sports car brand. Porsche vehicles are manufactured in Germany, their headquarters is located in Zuffenhausen. Porsche is well known for making small, sleek, high performance sports cars. Porsche line of vehicles include the Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera and Cayenne. Slogan: There is no substitute.